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Parasite-Killing Festival in Vietnam

Vietnamese prepare for parasite killing festival

Besides Tet Nguyen Dan Festival, Doan Ngo Festival or the Parasite-killing festival, held on the 5th of the 5th lunar month is the biggest and warmest reunion festival of Vietnamese people. Traditionally, the festival is held with fruit feast to protect the crops and people’s health. luxury mekong river cruise

Vietnamese prepare for parasite killing festival

Vietnamese prepare for parasite killing festival- source: internet

Originating from China with the original name as Dragon Boat Festival, Doan Ngo Festival in Vietnam, also known as Double Fifth Festival or Double Five Festival, is one of the most significant traditional festivals in Vietnam. The festival gradually becomes a traditional festival in many Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, and South and North Korea. The Double Fifth Festival has been existent in not only folk Vietnam culture but also in Oriental culture, which affects the cultural habitat of this region.

It can be understood that Doan is the beginning and Ngo is the time from 11 AM to 1 PM. People often have the Doan Ngo feast at noon. The same as the summer solstice, when the distance between the sun and the earth is shortest, does take place Doan Ngo Festival takes place. Locally known as Killing Insects Festival, the Double Fifth Festival is one of the most interesting traditional festivals in Vietnam with diverse cultural contents. In addition, Parasite Killing Festival is a traditional festival of Eastern countries with a connection to the definition about the cycle of annual weather. phnom penh to ho chi minh by boat

Legend of Double Fifth Festival in Vietnam

Rice wine

Rice wine- source: internet

In one day, when farmers were happily celebrating for a great season after the bumper crop, but then a large number of insects appeared and ate everything harvested. Peasants did not know what to do. Suddenly, an old man came and presented as Doi Truan. He instructed all families to make a feast including fruit and Gio cake. The local peasants followed what the man did and then all insects died. The man also said that annually on this day, all insects became very aggressive, however, if doing what he had done, farmers could solve all of the problems. To commemorate this day, local farmers named it Doan Ngo Festival or Killing Insects Day.

Meaning of Double Fifth Festival in Vietnam

Plum is what Vietnamese eat in parasite killing festival

Plum is what Vietnamese eat in parasite killing festival- source: internet

In Vietnam, locals Vietnamize this Double Fifth Festival into Killing Insects Festival and an occasion to worship ancestors. On this double fifth day, Vietnamese people usually have many customs to prevent insects. At present, these customs are still preserved and highly appreciated in some Vietnamese villages. After Tet Nguyen Dan Festival, Double Five Festival – Tet Doan Ngo Festival is the coziest festival in Vietnam. Therefore, on this occasion, all family members, even those who are working far from home always come home and reunite together.

According to Vietnamese customs, in the feast of this festival, fruit is such an indispensable thing. In addition, there are other dishes of different localities. Rice wine, especially sticky rice wine is the main dish in Hanoi and some provinces in Northern Vietnam. Vietnamese people believe that the gastrointestinal system of people usually has parasites that are hard to be killed all. However, it is the 5th day of the 5th lunar month that people eat fruit with acid flavor, especially sticky rice wine and these parasites can be killed. Vietnamese people, traditionally, often eat rice wine right after they get up. The rice wine is for both old and young people.

Gio cake

Gio cake- source: internet

In Danang, Gio (Tro) cake is the main dish. Every family is likely to buy from 3 to 4 tens of Gio cakes for VND 50,000 – 70,000 per ten. Meanwhile, people in Southern provinces have duck for the main dish. In Ho Chi Minh City, roasted pork and roasted duck are preferred than normal days.

As in any other festivals, spiritual rites are among these indispensible parts of this event. At every household, locals make offerings to the spirit world as a means of commemorating ancestors. In addition, individuals eat sour foods such as lemon, plum, orange, rice wine and Gio cake with the hope of cleaning their stomach and getting rid of illnesses.

  • Time: the 5th day of May in the lunar month
  • Purpose: enhance the prevention of illnesses, diseases and pestilence.
  • Activities: offerings, eating sour foods

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