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Sapa in September- the meeting place of Earth and Heaven

Terraced field is a form of cultivation on sloping land
There is nothing greater than walking up in Vietnam imposing highland scenery. The French were the very first people who come Sapa by train. They search a land with a temperate climate, peaceful and separated place from hasten and animated Hanoi. Sapa originated from the words “Xapa” in Chinese means the sand. Tours Vietnam and Indochina
An open view from Fan-xi-pan peak

An open view from Fan-xi-pan peak- source: internet

In the early morning in September, if you want to enjoy fresh air, let’s take a bicycle around the villages covered by the terraced fields. Perfect time to Sapa with all harvesting rice is September. You’re wondering how cold or hot it will be in Sapa in September? To answer straightly, I would say the weather is stable with sunny days and cool nights. It is the perfect time for sight-seeing, trekking and photos-taking. Visiting Sapa that time, you will have a chance to see the stunning beauty of terraced fields. It looks like “ladders to the sky”, changes from green to gold color and is expected to become a unique tourist attraction, keeping tourists to stay for admiration for a while. Looking from above, the terraced fields as a golden silk, stretch away to the horizon, create an amazing landscape for tourists. Vietnam tours packages

Terraced field is a form of cultivation on sloping land

Terraced field is a form of cultivation on sloping land- source: internet

Visiting Sapa in September, don’t forget Love waterfall. The locals used to say that: Love Waterfall with breathtaking nature and landscape is a do must when visiting Sapa”. Not only is an attractive tourist destination thanks to its beauty, behind this waterfall is also a touched love story which has been told to many generations. From above, Love waterfall looks like a soft silk, covered the mountains under the sun. It is definitely poetic image!

The Love waterfall in Sapa

The Love waterfall in Sapa- source: internet

Sapa in September is an absolutely ideal destination for exploring. Looking for a seat, enjoy a cup of hot coffee, take a look from above with spectacular views, a gentle Sapa will be in front of you. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the North tour and discover a Sapa with its magical beauty. Please contact us if you want to have more detail information.

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The colorful picture in the local market in Sapa- source: internet

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