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Something about “homestay”

Homestay is a form of tourism and/or study abroad program that allows the visitor to rent a room from a local family to better learn the local lifestyle as well as improve their language ability. While homestays can occur in any destination worldwide, some countries do more to encourage homestay than others as a means of developing their tourism industry.


Homestay is a kind of “green tourism” ideal for young people to explore international love culture in their own country. When traveling “homestay”, rather than in hotels or motels you’ll be at locals’ house to be able to have a closer view and more realistic way of life and culture of the host country house. Guests are treated as a member of the family and participate in everyday activities such as meal trays and general chat exchange with members. Guests are also asked to “enter in up to” and know how to respect the privacy and rules given by the owner.

Trend of travel combined with Home Stay is increasingly grown in popularity worldwide, and the community and government support. Because by taking life, accommodation and living as a member of the family not only native experience exciting, but also an opportunity to make friends with international indigenous peoples. Friendships can be sustained even after the trip, to help bring both parties to host-guest house shared world. Although usually not profitable significant material for families participating in the program, but homestay help promote the image of the country and its people in a close and honest. Especially for families with children of school going age and intellectual development, this method can be considered good and most effective exercise you can language, communication skills and capital knowledge of different cultures from your country.

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