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Special Vot Coffee in Saigon

Don’t miss a chance to taste Vot café

In Vietnam, there is not only one way to make coffee. While brewing coffee by Phin filter or coffee machine has been popular among Saigonese for many years, not many local people know about the techniques of using a cloth strainer and a claypot (or a small steel pot) – a very special method of brewing coffee. “Vot” which means cloth strainer in English is what Saigonese call this coffee.

Special Vot coffee in Saigon

Special Vot coffee in Saigon -source: internet

Since coffee appeared in the city, this kind of coffee had been very popular and Phin filter or coffee machine were completely strange to locals. In the past, there were so many loving “Vot” coffee although it may be strange to young people. Now, there are only a few “Vot” coffee shops still standing in tranquil and hidden corners where people come to experience taste of the old Saigon. Tours in Vietnam

Am Phu Coffee Shop – Hell Coffee Shop

Don’t miss a chance to taste Vot café

Don’t miss a chance to taste Vot café -source: internet

Situated in a small house along the narrow alley of 330 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Phu Nhuan District, the over half-century-old coffee shop is simple with coffee stall, plastic chairs and wooden tables. Even though old, Mrs. Tuyet (75 years old) and Mr. Con (80 years old) – the owners do not want to retire because of their love and passion of making coffee for their familiar customers. It is Mr. Con’s father, who taught him how to use cloth strainer and steel pot to make a fantastic coffee opened the coffee shop. According to Mr. Con, fire plays an essential part in brewing coffee process. To make the unique “Vot” coffee, all of steps must be strictly followed.

All day long, the shop is crowded with all kinds of people from young people to old people, from officers to workers. The coffee shop’s atmosphere is always close and warm. What makes Am Phu Coffee Shop outstanding? It must be the close time. At 9:00 PM everyday when this lovely shop is full of both local and tourists happily sitting and waiting for their favorite café is the most crowded time.

Cheo Leo Coffee Shop

There are only a few “Vot” coffee shops existing in quiet and hidden corners

There are only a few “Vot” coffee shops existing in quiet and hidden corners -source: internet

Established in 1983 by Mr. Vinh Ngo who was a romantic man, Cheo Leo Coffee Shop is open daily from 5:15 AM till 6:46 PM. Ms. Suong and Ms. Hoa are the second generation owners running the business. Situated in the alley of 109 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, District 3, the shop is really simple with plastic chairs used as tables. In the past, Cheo Leo, where young people who were interested in music gathered together, was one of the most famous coffee shops in Saigon. Nowadays, coming to the shop, you still can enjoy music of decades ago. This old looking coffee shop has not changed for many years. When Phin coffee became more popular in Ho Chi Minh City, many people advised Mr. Vinh Ngo to change the method of brewing coffee. However, the Cheo Leo shop with special “Vot” coffee has existed until today as Mr. Vinh Ngo believed that coffee made by Phin filter cannot be as delicious as “Vot” coffee. What makes Cheo Leo’s coffee is different from coffee at Am Phu Coffee Shop is that coffee at Cheo Leo is cooked and kept warm in a claypot. mango cruise mekong

No Name Coffee Shop

Old style coffee shop

Old style coffee shop -source: internet

Located in the alley of 313 Tan Phuoc Street, District 11, No Name Coffee Shop is another place for awesome “Vot” café. It is the tasty café and old and simple small space of No Name Coffee Shop that attract a large number of guests to come to just have a cup of coffee. According to the Vietnam-Chinese owner, Mr. Luu Thanh Nhan, the browner cloth strainer is the more smelling and delicious coffee. In spite of his age, everyday he himself still carefully sand quickly use the claypot and cloth strainer to make coffee for customers without skipping any steps of brewing coffee.

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