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Things to buy in Cambodia

Silver item in Cambodia

Although not being such a busy shopping center when being compared with Singapore, Thailand in Southeast Asia and America in America and France in Europe, Cambodia still offers tourists many interesting things to buy. Looking at the infrastructure of Cambodia, you may think that it is not a shopping address in the world, however, it does not mean that there is nothing to buy in Cambodia. Let’s change your mind in shopping and realize that Cambodia is exactly a perfect shopping paradise for handmade traditional item lovers. Once spending time learning the way to distinguish what authentically valuable traditional items are, you will be soon addicted to a wide variety of lovely things to buy which are not at a really high price but still very worthwhile. Tours indochina


Silver item in Cambodia

Silver item in Cambodia – source:

Had been widely used in religious protocol of Cambodia since the 11th century, items made by silvers, together with the fast development of tourism are becoming more and more popular. Coming to Cambodia, you can buy silver items at one of the larger number of silver shops in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh- the 2 most popular tourist destinations. Although not having high value because of alloying with 70-80% silver, Cambodian silvers are beautifully designed with unique Khmer patterns. Once visiting Cambodia, you should not forget to get a lively silver jewelry- the light weight and small shape, easy-to-pack items, to keep long lasting memory of Cambodia after the trip. Not only being various and artistic, silver designs also present the unique culture of Khmer. The easiest way to buy a silver item is to go to the night market Siem Reap. Cambodia travel packages

Basketry Items

Basketry items

Basketry items – source:

For many visitors, basketry items are not very strange but this will be a difference for you to get them at a lower price, more reasonable than the handmade products can be found in other countries. Through these products of all kinds such as plates, bowls, baskets and many other useful items in daily life, the excellent skills of the local people are beautifully reflected. These items are very cogent and good choice for those want to keep a good memory of the Cambodia trip.

Cambodian Krama

Cambodian Krama

Cambodian Krama – source:

Being a product of solely Khmer people, the Krama is the special and pervasive locally worn chequered scarf. Admiring the large collections of Krama, you will definitely know why these small items are regarded as things which create an “Oriental beauty”. Diversified in color, each of which possesses its own attraction making it very difficult for you to choose only one, Cambodian Krama is well worth buying.

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