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Tips for traveling Ly Son island

The garlic field on Ly Son island

Quang Ngai is a province located in the Coastal of South Central in Vietnam. The coastline in Quang Ngai is about 129 kilometers with the large territorial water and the rich source of seafood and beautiful beaches. heritage line cruises

The beautiful view on Ly Son island

The beautiful view on Ly Son island-source:

The only island which is exploited for tourism is Ly Son island. The local people sometimes call it Re isles – the simply and rustic name. This island was formed by lavas and the construction of history millions of years ago. Perhaps it is the reason why Ly Son is very suitable for the strange plans and water creatures to live and develop. These natural beauties are things making tourists always love discovering in Ly Son. The followings are some tips for traveling Ly Son island which you need to keep in hand.

  1. When to travel Ly Son island

Tourists should visit Ly Son island on the special occasions when the festivals happen. For example, the harvest of garlic from September to December. Ly Son is the fertile basalt soil area which is very suitable for planting garlics. The kinds of garlics in Ly Son is very famous in not only the country but also the oversea. Therefore, visitors usually choose this occasion to see the way farmers harvest in the garlic fields and buy them as the presents for family and friends.

The garlic field on Ly Son island

The garlic field on Ly Son island-source:

The other times can be listed such as the swearing anniversary of Hoang Sa soldiers in March in lunar calendar, the summer with wind and sunshine and so on. On each time, tourists can have the different feelings and amazing experience about the beautiful island. luxury Mekong river cruise

  1. How to get to Ly Son island

Before being in Ly Son, you have to get to Quang Ngai province. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city is 2 places where there are the most routes to this province. You can choose anyone which is the most suitable for you. Then, you will move to this island by boat from Sa Ki harbor. The ticket of the boat is about 100,000 dong.

Sa Ki harbor, where you will start get to Ly Son island by boat

Sa Ki harbor, where you will start get to Ly Son island by boat-source:

Travelers can choose one of three following vehicles to get to Quang Ngai province:

By train

If you departure in Ho Chi Minh city: The average ticket price is from 475,000 dong to 1,000,000 dong. Moreover, it depends much on the types of seat you choose.

If you start in Hanoi capital: The average ticket price is from 550,000 dong to 1,200,000 dong. Besides, you should pay attention to the departure times and kinds of seat because they affect much on the ticket price.

By coach

The ticket price for this kind of transportations is cheaper than others but you can feel tired if you are used to be carsick.

Start in Ho Chi Minh city (Mien Dong Coach station): The average price is about more than 300,000 dong with many brands such as Phuong Trang, Nhat Con, Quang Hien and so on.

Start in Hanoi capital ( Nuoc Ngam Coach station): The price for this route is about 400,000 dong.

By airplane

This service is much more expensive than others but fastest and most comfortable. You will land in Chu Lai airport and move to Sa Ki harbor.

  1. Where to stay in Ly Son island

Collective hotels

On Ly Son island, there is a very unique kind of hotel. There is a big spaces for tourists to stay. Although this bring some inconvenience, it can make you easier to get on well with others. And who knows you will have some wonderful friends after the journey. The price for this service is 50,000 dong per person. If you feel uncomfortable, you can rent a small room for 2 or 3 people with a little bit expensive.

Normal hotels

Because the electricity has just accessed to Ly Son island for a short time, the system of restaurants and hotel has not been invested modernly. However, its price is quite expensive from 500,000 dong to 1,000,000 per night.

Happy tent

Some tourists even don’t need to rent a room to stay. They make a tent on the small islands to enjoy and feel the natural beauties on this attractive island. This is also considered as an amazing experience.

Pitching the tents on Ly Son island is an interesting activity

Pitching the tents on Ly Son island is an interesting activity-source:

Ly Son island is an interesting island in Quang Ngai province. Therefore, this is the suitable place for you to enjoy the peace and happiness. Furthermore, the wind and sunshine can make you be relaxed and forget any stress in your daily life. And the mentioned tips will certainly help you when you prepare for traveling this beautiful island.

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