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Top 5 delicious food in Hoian

Com ga Hoian looks so attractive

If you are a lover of ancient and simple features, just try to travel to Hoian once. This is the old quarter located in Da Nang, Vietnam. Being built in about the16th century, Hoian has been so attractive with poetic beauty and diverse food. There is nothing more wonderful than to explore cuisine culture with a number of iconic dishes. Here are top 5 dishes that you cannot miss when traveling to Hoian. marguerite cruise

Com ga (rice with chicken)

Com ga Hoian looks so attractive

Com ga Hoian looks so attractive -source: internet

It can be said that Com ga is one of the most famous dishes in Hoian quarter. Com ga Hoian looks so tasty with bright yellow of rice, green of fresh vegetables and golden color of chicken. People choose rice very carefully, only limber and fragrant is cooked with chicken broth. Chicken, after boiled, is torn into thin fibers and mixed with fried onion and laksa leaves. This dish is also eaten with some herbs, chili sauce, and soy. Meticulous and exquisite processing of Hoian people has created a fantastic Com ga dish. There are a lot of restaurants you can choose to taste this dish such as Com ga ba Huong, or Com ga ba Buoi (number 26, Phan Chau Chinh).

Mi Quang (Quang noodles)

Mi Quang is the most famous dish in Hoian

Mi Quang is the most famous dish in Hoian -source: internet

Mi Quang is the iconic noodles dish of Hoian. Good kinds of rice to make crispy noodles. Then people add a lot of shrimps, meat, chicken and quail eggs. All ingredients are tinged with spices. When enjoying the noodles, crispy cakes and herbs are indispensable. This dish is served anywhere in the town, but I suggest you to go to Quan Ba Minh restaurant to have the most delicious Mi Quang.

Cao lau

Cao Lau is the dish that is only available in here

Cao Lau is the dish that is only available in here -source: internet

Some people think that Mi Quang and Cau lau are the same, but actually, if you have a chance to try both, you will find they are totally different. The processing of noodles in Cao lau is pretty different from that in Mi Quang. While people usually eat Mi Quang with shrimps, meat, chicken, and quail eggs, they use fermented bean, “xa xiu” meat, greaves and fried pork skin. This is also served with some fresh herbs and special soy. You should enjoy Cao lau at 87 Tran Phu or 26 Thai Phien, Hoian.

Banh mi Hoian (Hoian bread)

Banh mi Hoian

Banh mi Hoian -source: internet

You can see Banh mi is sold anywhere in Vietnam, but Banh mi Hoian is considered the most delicious one. The bread is so crunchy, which is combined perfectly with a greasy kernel. The kernel basically includes Pate, grilled meat, pork bologna, herbs and special gravy. Just taste Banh mi Hoian on Hoang Dieu or Tran Cao Van streets. Indochina travel Vietnam

Banh beo

Banh Beo, one of the iconic cakes in Hoian

Banh Beo, one of the iconic cakes in Hoian -source: internet

In dishes that are made from rice, Banh beo is the second favorite one in Hoian, only after Mi Quang. Rice flour is processed into crystal-clear round cakes. On their surfaces, people add meat and fried shrimps. This dish goes well with some herbs and a sour, spicy and sweet sauce. You can find anywhere in Hoian selling Banh beo. Hoang Van Thu and Dinh Tien Hoang are the streets that are pretty famous for delicious Banh beo.

Those are only 5 in a number of tasty dishes in Hoian. Don’t miss any chance to enjoy fantastic cuisine and romantic and charming beauty of Hoian old quarter.

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