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Top destinations for Thailand green travel

Singha Park

New tourist path with a growing trend to return to nature, away from the noise of urban tourism seems to become the trend of young people. And if you are cherished just a Thailand green travel, both close to nature where you can “slow living” away, then recorded in the manual the following names. Tours Indochina in Thailand

  1. Singha Park

Imagine that one fine day, you walk around the lush orchards and flower beds are blooming, then cycling around the prairie hills close to nature and weather wonderful. That was the scene at Singha.

Singha Park

Singha Park – source:

Here there is one page worth raising zebras, giraffes and white horned Watusi cattle. In addition, the restaurant is also available Bhu Bhirom to serve you to take table with natural specialties grown in the farm here.

Singha Park is also known as Thailand’s largest farms. Everywhere you’ll find green tea fields and flowers fluorescent him. Europe ancient architecture will also make you feel about a land of harmony between cultures Eurasian 2. Do not forget to visit the White Temple (Wat Rong Khum), the park is just 15 minutes away by car, or famous cafes Melt in your mouth, serves fresh coffee and appetizers delicious home.

  1. Pun Pun

If you prefer outdoor activities, this is an extremely perfect choice. Visitors will be involved in planting seeds, learning how to build brick barn, straw and bamboo. Do not forget to bring home products such as butter beans self-cultivation, seasonal herbal tea and black soap. Also here there are yoga classes, so visitors can fully enjoy the same harmonious and friendly atmosphere with nature. Tours in Thailand

Pun Pun

Pun Pun – source:

  1. Farm Daradalay Banndin

Enjoy village life here when trying to harvest carrots, strawberries, green oak leaf, lemon fruit, rice and other fresh produce, before the end of one day under the starry sky of the prairie characterized countryside here.

Farm Daradalay Banndin

Farm Daradalay Banndin – source:

This is one family farm is open to experience “slow life” style village overnight in huts patched margins designed to close to nature as possible.

Nearby, there is a spatial area Makhampom Art – which often take place musical performances. There are also many classes take place throughout the week skills as taught painting and ceramics and photography classes.

  1. Rai Pluk Ruk

It often have agricultural experts open classes agricultural guidance without using chemical methods, takes place every weekend and holidays. You can also manually seed cultivation and take home.

Rai Pluk Ruk

Rai Pluk Ruk – source:

Rai Pluk founder Ruk is also head Anothai famous vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok. Here, you will be greeted by thousands of rice fields without the intervention of any materials is not environmentally friendly.

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