Tourism destinations on April 30 holiday for the family in Vietnam | Cruise Mekong River

Tourism destinations on April 30 holiday for the family in Vietnam

Waves in Sam Son beach

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark – Ha Giang Province

If you are a travel enthusiast, the holiday season on April 30 – May 1 is the occasion for you to stay away from the noise of the city to the peaceful countryside, and Dong Van rocky plateau is a suggestion for you. You can read more:  cruise mekong delta

Ha Giang is an interesting destination for you during the holiday

Ha Giang is an interesting destination for you during the holiday -source: internet

Rock mountains, the wind of the sky, the soul, friendly and hospitable people cause all anxiety in life seems to disappear.

Coming to Ha Giang this season, you will experience a rocky plateau summer with different colors. It is more interesting to be in harmony with the space of peaceful villages, happy markets, vibrant colors of highland products.

Moreover, tourists will also be exploring the wonders of nature. It is the Milestone No. 0, Quan Ba Sky Gate with Co Tien mountain, and visit the quiet and charming Dong Van ancient town of Dong Van along with time, conquer the Happiness Road, standing on the peak of Ma Pi Leng. And nothing is better than standing on the top of the Lung Cu flagpole, which overlooks the mountains and rivers of Vietnam.

Conquer the Fansipan Mountain Peak

As the highest mountain in Vietnam and also the highest in the Southeast Asia, Fansipan offers an unforgettable challenge for those who love to explore.

Beautiful scene in Fansipan Mountain Peak

Beautiful scene in Fansipan Mountain Peak -source: internet

At an altitude of 3,143m above sea level, “climbing Fansipan” is a phrase that every tourist aspires to do once. Standing on the “top roof of Indochina”, you will feel small but also much greater. ho chi minh to phnom penh cruise

Sam Son beach in Thanh Hoa province

On April 30 – May 1, Sam Son beach welcomes the large number of tourists coming due to not too distant sea location.

Sam Son beach services need to be asked for clear prices if tourists do not want to pay “heavenly” prices. However, it should be noted that those who have not experienced Sam Son beach that sometimes bargaining can still afford the high prices for unimaginable reasons.

Waves in Sam Son beach

Waves in Sam Son beach -source: internet

Cua Lo beach in Nghe An province

The highway from Hanoi to Cua Lo beach is very pretty, quite empty and easy to go. On the way, parents can stop for breakfast to enjoy delicious Phu Ly rolled cake.

Train is also a safe means of vehicle for many families. The train will run from Hanoi to Vinh station, after that tourist could rent a car or take taxi to Cua Lo beach.

If tourists do not like trains, the whole family can choose high quality Van Minh cars, which run straight from Hanoi to Cua Lo beach. Bus runs smoothly with water, snacks and toilets in the car and ticket prices are very reasonable.

Beautiful Cua Lo beach

Beautiful Cua Lo beach -source: internet

Hotels and motels in Cua Lo are abundant in quantity as well as in price. The quality of the hotels is not comparable to the professional travel agencies such as Nha Trang, Da Nang, but in general it quite well.

With the characteristics of fresh food, you just call the simple dishes such as boiled, steamed or grilled seafood is good enough. If the family can rent a car to Cua Hoi will enjoy delicious seafood and cheaper than at Cua Lo beach.

Do not miss the chance to spend valuable time with your family on holiday at wonderful tourism places!

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