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Traveling in low season

Traveling in low season – 3 reasons you should

Low season of travel in Asia equals with Moon soon – equals with a lot of rains. South East Asia, Low season often falls around May – September. I bet you wont like the idea of rain on your trip. But hey, moon soon in Asia is all year around, with those who travel in October – November, that will be another moon soon season. So, dont worry too too much. The most important in travelling I believe, is the attitude towards the situation. And we can look further into the case to find out why you should travel in low season.

Reason number 1Low season = Moon soon? Depends on each regions, the rain can be all day, whole week or just part of the day. For instance, June in Cambodia – seriously, I feel so blessed with the rain here and there during the day make me feel fresh and not knock down by the heat of Siem reap while we are out there seeing the Wats (= temple in Khmer). Be here, you will understand the definition of being “Wat-out”. And though we missed the incredible view of Preah Vihear, but we had the fog and the mystery of the temple that make the story cooler than ever.

So make a small research, take your luck and go.  You may feel blessed with the rain instead of the extreme heat and humidity in South East Asia.

Rain in Angkor Wat

Reason number 2: Super Cost Saving. If we are talking about money, then low season is a huge cost saving time since most resorts offer the unbeatable deals like stay 2 pay 1, stay 3 pay 2 or extra bonus of services of airport transfers or complimentary dinner.  Either you can upgrade yourselves in accommodation with the same amount of money planned for  the trip, or you can save the money for spending on .. shopping for example.

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Reason number 3: Low season = Less travelers on the road. Most people dont want to go to a super touristy places yet still visit the highlights spots of the destination. And most do not adventurous enough to really take the hard-core off the beaten paths. Going in low season may solve this situation. You will find yourselves in a quaint temple, or you will see a very different Halong Bay,Mekong delta. You will easily find a quiet spot for people watching (for people like me, love people watching). And you may lucky enough to have the swimming pool exclusively for yourselves only in a rich beautiful sunset on top of the mountain looking over the sea. That you hardly have in a high season.

Quaint sandy beach

Of course, everything has its down sides but know to choose the right time and still be able to avoid the bad weather plus saving your money is the main core. It does not mean you cant enjoy the place, it just means you can enjoy it in a different way. Now what you are waiting for, pack your bags and hop on the plane and do not forget your rain-jacket!

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