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Weather in the Mekong Delta in February

February is good time for holidays

Also known as the Nine Dragon River Delta, the Mekong Delta is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southern Vietnam. Thanks to the beautiful sightseeing as well as special traditional local culture, it is an outstanding place. To have a wonderful trip in the Mekong Delta Vietnam, you should carefully check for some basic information about this region in advance. Weather in Mekong Delta cruise is the very first and also the most important information that you are concerned with.

Brief description of weather conditions in the Mekong Delta

Weather in the Mekong Delta in February is influenced by tropical dry and wet climate

Weather in the Mekong Delta in February is influenced by tropical dry and wet climate- source: internet

The weather in the Mekong Delta in February is influenced by tropical dry and wet climate. Going to the Mekong Delta Vietnam in February, tourists can expect hot and sunny weather with sparsely fog. Mean daytime temperatures range from 22 to 27 degrees Celcius. The temperatures are so high in February that you should take precautions: Use sunglasses, SPF 30+ lotion with ultraviolet filter, shirt together with a baseball cap or similar. Staying in the sun for too long is dangerous! Normally, the hottest time in February is the third week. In February, the Mekong Delta experiences hot days with heavily overcast sky. Wind is light breeze and typically temperature fluctuates around 26 degrees Celcius.

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Precipitation, humidity and cloudy

February is good time for holidays

February is good time for holidays- source: internet

The median cloud cover during February is around 32%. February, which is really deprived of rain month, is thought to be one of the best months of the year in terms of the Mekong Delta’s weather. February is a good time for the holidays if the weather is for you the main premise to travel. This will be interesting time to hike around the area and discover some of main attractions. However, you also should be prepared for fog.

Over the course of a typical February, the relative humidex typically ranges from 53 (Dangerous discomfort) to 59 (Heat stroke probable). For a wayfarer, dew point is often one of the best measures of how comfortable the weather conditions are. Remember that, in the Mekong Delta higher dew points feel more humid and lower dew points feel drier. In February, the standard dew point is about 20 (Somewhat uncomfortable for most travelers at upper edge).

Length of the day and sunny hours

Febraury in the Mekong

Febraury in the Mekong- source: internet

The length of day is gradually beginning to increase by approximately 13 minutes over the course of a classical February. Offering 11 hours 42 minutes of daylight, sunrise at 6:18 AM and sunset at 6:00 PM, the 1st February is the shortest day and offering 11 hours 55 minutes of daylight, sunrise at 6:11 AM and sunset at 6:06 PM, the 28th February is the longest day. The sun hours are important for a traveler and on average, February has 12 daylight hours.


The speed of the wind in February varies from 5 km/h to 10 km/h. This means that you can expect a pleasant breeze.

What to do in the Mekong Delta in February?

Experience local life

Experience local life- source: internet

The peaceful natural sceneries with lush land, calming water and crystal clear sky, making tourists fall in love with at the very first time make February one ò the best times to visit the Mekong Delta. In February, a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities such as listening to Vietnamese traditional music played by old musicians in the village, experiencing local people’s life, riding bicycle along village roads and so on are waiting for travelers to take part in.

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