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Where to enjoy the best Vietnamese dishes in Ho Chi Minh City

Com tam Saigon
Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particularly have an incredibly broad food culture. If you do not have much time in Saigon, besides Pho – the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine, banh mi, bun bo Hue, oc, com tam and chuoi nuong are what you have to try at least once. Not only delicious, they are also the staples of Saigonese cuisine so that you can get a solid representation of local food culture. There is so much good food to be enjoyed in this city. If you do not want to risk gambling however, check out the list of absolute the best places to eat each dish. Travel to Ho CHi Minh with: Mekong delta cruisesGrilled banana (chuoi nuong) – 378/3 Vo Van Tan, District 3

Grilled banana

Grilled banana- source: internet

A small sweet lady finger banana, battered in rice and grilled in banana leaf over charcoal, chopped up and served with coconut custard, grilled banana is loved by not only Vietnamese but also foreigners. You are not a huge fan of Vietnamese desserts but you will be crazy for Chuoi Nuong.

Com tam (broken rice) – Com Tam Nguyen Van Cu – 74 Nguyen Van Cu, District 1

Com tam Saigon

Com tam Saigon- source: internet

Literally meaning broken rice, Com Tam is a dish made from the rice which is broken during the milling process and is apparently not suitable to be exported. Once tasting, some people even wish that they could buy the stuff back home. This delicious rice dish is often served with a fried egg, marinated pork, pickled vegetables and indispensably, sweet fish sauce.

Serving the rice topped with a giant steak like pork chop with meat that literally melts in your mouth and a lot of sides, Com tam Nguyen Van Cu may be the best place to enjoy com tam in Saigon. The marinade is smoky and sweet. It should be one of the best pork dishes you have ever tried. You can see more: jayavarman cruise mekong

Banh mi – Banh Mi Heo Quay Lien Thai – No 95 – 97 Tran Dinh Xu Street, District 1

Banh mi Heo Quay

Banh mi Heo Quay- source: internet

Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette) is a staple in Vietnamese cuisine especially in the Southern Vietnam. Firstly appearing in Vietnam during French colonization, banh mi is a baguette, made with both rice and wheat flour. Vietnamese banh mi is lighter and has a thinner crust than French baguettes. When you need to pick up food on the run, banh mi is perfect for travel. It’s served with a huge range of fillings. Banh mi with eggs (banh mi op la), banh mi with cured meats (banh mi thit nguoi), banh mi with grilled meat (banh mi thit nuong), you name it. Operated at the front of a bakery, Banh Mi Heo Quay Lien Thai is where you can enjoy a baguette stuffed with roast pork belly and pickled vegetables, the bread fresh out of the oven, the ingredients measured to precision and banh mi is topped with a slightly sweetened nuoc mam (fish sauce).

Bun bo Hue – Bun Bo Ganh – Cao Thang – No 106 Cao Thang, District 3

Bun bo Hue in Saigon

Bun bo Hue in Saigon- source: internet

A beef noodle soup originally from Hue in the Central Vietnam, bun bo Hue packs a lot more punch than most of other noodle soups such as Pho. The noodles themselves are the fat round vermicelli noodle and the stock is really complex with several loads of flavors going on. Containing a wide range of beef cuts, herbs and vegetables, bun bo Hue is typically very oily and spicy. It is said that bun bo Hue is way up there in the Vietnamese noodle soup power rankings.

Oc – Oc Dao – Alley 212B Nguyen Trai, District 1

Oc Saigon

Oc Saigon- source: internet

In Ho Chi Minh City, Oc restaurants serve grilled sea snails and shellfish. They come grilled in oil, shallots, are topped with pork crackling and peanuts and then served with a dipping sauce made of salt, lime, pepper and chili (Muoi tieu chanh). Tucked down a fun little mini maze of alleyways 212B Nguyen Trai, but Oc Dao is not too hard to find. Once getting there, you can feel it a bit of a mad house. You get into a giant courtyard with plastic chairs and low set aluminum tables and a sea of people to the left and cars parked to the right. Noisy and chaotic as it is, it all adds to the absolutely electric atmosphere.

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