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Where to go for Com Hen in Hue

Ingredient to make mussel rice
Not only famous for its romantic scenery and fresh atmosphere, the Huong River in Hue also attracts travelers all over the world for its specialty called as Mussel Rice in Huong River (Cơm Hến Sông Hương). Therefore, when going on a trip in Hue – the ancient citadel of Vietnam, besides admiring the spectacular view, you also should grab a chance to enjoy the taste of one of the best Vietnamese dishes there. Let’s enjoy Com Hen with: Indochina tours

Com hen

Com hen- source: internet

In the past, mussel rice or com hen, which was almost sold by street vendors, was a dish only for poor people. Nowadays, this stunning rice dish has become one of so many Hue’s specialties that no one visiting Hue should miss to try it out. Sifting and winnowing the boiled mussels to split off their shell and all of the sand inside them are the hardest steps of cooking mussel rice. The next step is stir-frying mussels with fish sauce, a bunch of minced fragrant khot weed, onion, pepper and chopped garlic. Afterwards, steamed rice will be mixed with seasoned stir-fried mussels with chili sauce, shrimp paste and roasted peanuts as toppings. Finally, it’s meal time! All you have to do is fully enjoy how delicious mussel rice is.

The ingredients to make mussel rice

In spite of the complicated recipe that includes sour, spicy, salty, sweet and buttery flavors, this dish is very simple and low-priced. However, this special kind of food is a royal dish, the way of serving com hen is of great deliciousness, ancient and simplicity. Vietnam travel tours

Ingredient to make mussel rice

Ingredient to make mussel rice- source: internet

A dozen kinds of spices of Com hen are harmonious making it just sweet, spicy and fleshy. Hen is so big but the broth is very delicious and charming. If you want to enjoy a delicious bowl of Com hen at its best, chili is an indispensable part. Chili is used in all Hue dishes. It is believed that it helps balance the yin and yang. What is better than enjoy a large bowl of com hen with some chili slices on top in a cold, rainy day in Hue?

Hue people have com hen for all meals of a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks. Not only being always in the minds of Hue people and people living in Hue, delicious and special com hen is also appreciated by foreigners such as American, Australian, especially Korean and Japanese.

Com hen is not only tasty but also cheap

Com hen is not only tasty but also cheap- source: internet

Tasty and economical to anybody at the same time, it is the reason why this dish is always attractive to many customers. Revealed in the great endeavor to adopt and process its main ingredient – mussel is what makes this simple kind of food very popular. As to get these sea species off all the dirt, they must dip them in water for a long while before processing, it is often said that mussel cooked rice somehow shows the strenuous work of the cooks.

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